Monday, 2 November 2009

Poster for Design Studies

After brainstorming with my study group and having a discussion about the issues that came up in the brainstorm I decided to look at chapter 4 of The Tipping Point in more detail (The Power of Context) in particular the part about the clean up of Graffiti in the subway of New York in the mid 80's. In the brain storm it became clear that a lot of people linked vandalism, dirtyness, crime and violence to graffiti just as they portray it as in the book. I wanted to think of a way that would make graffiti more accepted in to society by the masses in particular graffiti on trains as is mentioned in the chapter. I came up with the idea of 'removable graffiti,' where a vinyl sticker is placed on to the side of trains that when sprayed on can be removed. The vinyl sticker is printed with the same colour, design as the train so artists don't realise and continue spraying as usual. The stickers can be put on the trains when stationary or at night and taken off through the day to appear clean and un-vandalised when on journeys. However I feel that it would be terrible to just get rid of the graffiti as it is an art form and some of it is absolutely amazing so I came up with some ideas for the graffiti to be displayed in more welcome environments. The poster describes how George Kelling tackles graffiti in the book, my new idea and how the graffiti could be put to good use.

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  1. Hey :) there is a film/ documentary that I thought you might be interested in, Style Wars. It is all about the graffiti in New York at the time that The Tipping Point mentions. You'll get it from Amazon for around £15 and I think there is a book in the library. Enjoy :) xxx