Thursday, 24 September 2009

My first blog

This is my very first blog ever.. in the world! So lucky you if you are reading it. I'd just like to announce that last night there was a copy of National Geographic in my kitchen, I am still unsure which one of my flat mates purchased this lovely informative magazine, but anyways it was there. So as I usually do when I see a magazine I picked it up and had a small look, but this small look made me want to have a larger look as it was full of pretty awesome facts about the world. The issue is called "The State of the World, 2010" and looks at over population and sustainability. This was sort of fate but also very annoying as I have just finished a summer project for Graphic Design where I had to compile a sustainable sketchbook, and everything that I spent weeks finding out was all there in National Geographic. I found it all very interesting because they had facts that I hadn't come across.. but if I had seen this magazine at the start of the summer my summer project would have been a whole lot easier. Not that I like cheating but it is hard to come across straight forward information and facts when there is so many opposing articles out there on the internet. I advise that people buy or have a look at this months National Geographic because we could all do with learning a bit about what we're doing to the world because it really isn't good things. And I must admit I will now make it a habit to look at National Geographic every issue to find out more about the world out there!