Thursday, 20 January 2011


Mission - complete a VARK test to show my learning style; Activist, Theorist, Reflector or Pragmatist
Outcome - Very strong Activist and very low every thing else, surprise surprise!


Activists like to be involved in new experiences and are enthusiastic about new ideas. They enjoy doing things and tend to act first and consider the implications afterwards. They are unlikely to prepare for the learning experience or review their learning afterwards.

Activists learn best when:

involved in new experiences

problems and opportunities

working with others in team tasks or role-playing

being thrown in the deep end with a difficult task

chairing meetings, leading discussions

Activists learn less when:

listening to lectures or long explanations

reading, writing or thinking on their own

absorbing and understanding data

following precise instruction to the letter

Definitely describes my dominant mode of operating in the world which I am unsure if is a good thing at all times!! I am always enthusiastic and think that every idea is a good one in one way or another. I believe that there is no time like the present meaning I sometimes rush in to things without thinking of the consequences. I love communicating and getting other revved up around me. I am not good at keeping my ideas to myself and do get serious cases of word vomit in meetings and discussions. I overcome problems by talking. After I have spoke my mind I then feel safe to go and research and think a little more in-depth.

All other areas are very low which I do agree with as I do tend to brush over the surface of serious and deeply intellectual matters and don't analyse situations in depth. I do like having a good basis of research to back up my ideas but I don't fret about this research being perfect and leave things open for additional ideas. I'm not much of a pragmatist as I like to try out crazy ideas even though they may not have clear benefits in the end. I do believe that a detailed game plan is very beneficial but it is not the first thing I consider when faced with a topic.

This process has been extremely beneficial at making me realise that there are very different people out there. It has made me reflect on my behaviour in discussions and I now realise that I need to take other peoples modes of operating in to consideration before taking over. A back seat at times would be good for me.

Guessing what my team members were and what they actually were:

Leanne Evans- Theorist/ Reflector/ Pragmatist... actually theorist

Gary Gourlay- Pragmatist (sensible)... actually strong on everything but not reflective

Abbie Graham- Reflector... actually was a moderate reflector and activist

Fiona Harper- Theorist/ Pragmatist... actually activist

Victoria- Activist...

Lynsey- Reflector... actually low activist

Activist most dominate in group with runner up place going to theorist.

I admire Leanne's theorist qualities as it is totally opposite from my natural approach. We need someone like this on the team to remind us of time management and organisation and bring ideas down to earth. Abbie's reflective qualities will be a great plus for hopefully providing helpful feedback and suggestions for moving forwards in a suited way.

Positive mix quite a few activists but we have worked together well so far with no collisions in opinions, we can all be multi-modal when need be and I think finding our place in the team for our group project will come naturally to us.