Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Magazine Mission!

For many years I have collected magazines. I started with the teenage girl magazines like Bliss and Elle girl before deciding I was mature enough to buy Elle. Although Elle and Vogue are practically the same I was never a fan of Vogue and would make sure that every month I woud get my very own copy of the glossy covered new Elle magazine to hit the newsagents. After a while I realised that Elle was the same every month, the same layout, the same articles only on a slightly different topic, the same photo shoots only with a new model. Although at first it seemed great to drool over the new high fashions and look at all the pretty models I soon realised that I couldn't afford any of the fashions that were reviewed and shown off and I didn't look like any of the models so I had to look for another magazine to fall in love with. That's when I found i.D. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and it gave me all the information I needed at that time in my life. What music was hot, what films were not and who was doing what in the fashion and art world. After coming across i.D I found many other magazines of the same genre; Dazed and Confused, Flux, POP, Plastique, and Wonderland. whilst becoming a avid reader of i.D I also bought these other magazines now and again. As my magazine collection grew taller I loved it more and more. For every art project I would go through every one and find imagery and inspiration.
When I moved to Dundee last year for my first year of Uni I made sure that none of my magazines were let behind even though my dad protested that there was not enough room. They looked great in my room but I didn't pay as much attention to them as in the past. I continued to add to my collection with the additions of two new great finds; Cooler and Vice.
The end of first year meant trekking back home with all my belonging sand once again all my magazines came home. After sitting patiently for the summer they were to return again once more to Dundee but this time to my new flat. Once again they look great in my room but they are very much neglected. Not that I wouldn't like to look through them all I just don't have the time and although I hate to admit it I'm kind of bored of them as I've ripped out all the good stuff for use for other things.
Whenever a new i.D or Dazed and Confused hits the shelves I still head straight to them in the shops and have a flick through. However I feel quite disappointed because just like my realization that there was the same thing in Elle magazine every month this has became the same case with my other favourite magazines.
I no longer get excited to see the fashion shoots because I've seen them all before and it may be a new band there writing about but because it's written in the same format they just sound the same.
I find it really sad that I've lost my love for magazines because they truly were my inspiration in life. They even inspired me to do Graphic Design. So now I'm here studying Graphic Design and wanting to go in to the magazine industry, but how can I go in to an industry that I've fell out of love with?
Well..... I refuse to loose hope, there must be more amazing magazines sitting on shelves out there that I have not came across yet. I am going to go out and hunt them down, I am going to become a magazine critic until I have analyzed magazines so much that I know what's good, what's bad, what's ugly and what's beautiful. If I want to be in the magazine industry then I need to know it inside out from a readers/ buyers perspective before I enter it.
That is it! I have decided that No, I am not bored of magazines! I am going to go on a magazine mission to find the best so that I can then make the best so that I can inspire other people with pages of magical imagery and writing just as I was inspired by my loved magazines of the past!

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