Wednesday, 3 March 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, friday was the opening of our 3D typography exhibition. I feel really happy with my final piece and I think that with everyones up and finished our exhibition is definitely something to be proud of. My piece consists of an abundance of fruit and vegetable boxes roped together to form large letters spelling out the word "Local". This links to my broadsheet which is about buying local brassicas. After collecting all the boxes from various supermarkets around Dundee it became clear that none of the fruit and vegetables were actually local, or even British for that matter. They came from a variety of places from all over the world including France, Spain, Israel, Morocco, Holland and Colombia. This gave a whole new meaning and story to my typography. With the word saying local but then the boxes all from-local places my piece aims to question peoples view on where there fruit and vegetables un actually come from, hopefully making them think twice about just chucking everything in at the supermarket and persuading them to find more local sources in there area.
Above is an image of my piece in the exhibition along with the broadsheet I was required to complete for the project!

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