Monday, 22 March 2010

Discussing the Interview process

To get feedback and discuss how everyones interviews went I got together with numerous people in my class and we had good talk about how it all went. Discussing the interview process made me realize just how much I enjoyed doing interviews. I was quite apprehensive to ask people I didn't know at first because I felt they would be too busy to take part but everyone I asked was happy to take part and were really positive about answering the questions. This gave me a boost of confidence and I enjoyed hearing all the different views that people had about my questions. I found it easy to keep the questions flowing and added in new questions based on there answers to find out excess information. It was a great way to find out a lot of information without having to ask millions of people. Targeting the right range of people at the right time is definitely how to approach interviews. When I told the group that I had to change my questions because they weren't working the way I wanted them to someone suggested that I should have tried to answer my questions first before asking them to people. This was a great bit of feedback for me because if I had done this I could have foreseen that maybe the questions were a bit challenging or confusing.
Everyone that I discussed the interviews with found out a lot of information without asking too many people and enjoyed getting out there and chatting to people they wouldn't usually have the chance to have a conversation with. I will definitely use this process a lot more often in the future.

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