Sunday, 21 February 2010

Assignment time!!

Assignment 2 asked us to gather three random images to then show to people and get them to tie them together in a story. I asked a range of people of different ages, gender and background to get a mixture of outcomes. The stories I got were either very straight forward or very random.
As you can see above my images are of a can of Diet Rockstar energy drink, a grey rabbit and a large wooden treehouse in a forest. Below are some examples of what people came up with.

If you drink Diet Rockstar you no longer have the ability to build extensive tree houses in forests. However if you drink Rockstar which is full of sugar you are able to build amazing tree houses like the one Bill made one day after a refreshing can. Unfortunately after he had finished the tree house of his dreams it fell to the ground, killing a lovely defenseless rabbit.
Female, 18, Illustration Student

Rockstar energy drink was created in 1941 by Sir Joseph Rockstar. Josef was not a happy man- he had lost his left leg in the war and had been born a hermaphrodite. Whist hiding from the Nazis in an architecturally orgasmic treehouse (built by Josef himself after his wooden leg gave him a taste for wood) a small grey rabbit appeared at the door. The rabbit told Josef that it was also a hermaphrodite. Josef felt a sudden surge of empathy for the creature. When the rabbit told him he was thirsty, Josef vowed to make the most wonderful, taste bud- tingling drink for the rabbit. Several days later, Josef, satisfied with his creation , presented the rabbit with a can of Rockstar. The excited rabbit took one sip- and died instantly. Depressed at the loss of his friend, Josef decided to patent the drink and sell it to humans who loved it. Josef became a millionaire and for the rest of his life lived of Prozac and bourbon in a new, rabbit shaped tree house.
Male, 19, Accountancy Student

There was a big party at a tree house in the woods. People got really high on Rockstar and were so loud all the rabbits came out of their holes and scared the people at the party.
Female, 16, Academy Student

Once upon a time a rabbit buzzing off the effects of the highly caffeinated drink Rockstar built a tree house in 20 minutes.
Male, 46, Engineer

A man had a whole fridge full of Rockstar so he decided to take a few cans in his bag whilst he went on a mission to take pictures of rabbits in the forest. The only rabbit that he found to take a picture of was sitting next to a large tree wooden tree house.
Female, 32, Secretary

As you can see some people took the images very literally and tied them together quickly and efficiently where as others decided that they were more interesting and more complicated, strange stories were produced. I think this says a lot about how people react to what they see. Some only look at the surface where as others dig deeper for the meaning of what and why, and if they can't make sense of something they will add there own meaning to it.

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