Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Assignment 1: analysis of photos

For assignment 1 we had to swap photos from our past and present with another student so that we could try and guess what kind of person they are. I have found this quite hard as the photos I received to analyse are all of the girl when she's about 7 and under. At this age most children go through the same experiences and you can't make many judgements about there tastes and personality. In most of the photos she is with family which shows that she is close to her family and had a happy upbringing. There is photos of her with different toys, dressing up and playing with children the same age, she always looks happy in the photos. I feel this shows that she had a very normal upbringing and one that would provide balanced values and beliefs about people and the world for her to expand upon when maturing in to her teens. There are also photos of her first day at school and the celebration of birthdays so she definitely had all the education and happy experiences one would hope a child should have.
I feel the assignment would have been a little more interesting if I had received some pictures of when she was older or even of her room so that I could do some more guessing of her personality and interests.

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