Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Map to my Dissertation

My hoping that the dissertation workshop would spark an idea for my dissertation paid off. Whilst being taught about research skills I came up with the idea of researching about how we're taught. I feel really strongly about this as I want to learn as much as possible at University so I can come out of the experience and feel that it has paid off. Having come straight from school in to University I have nothing such as college to compare University teaching to, however after speaking to numerous people in my class about their college experience has made me realise that the way things are taught in the two higher education institutes are very different. College seems to be more to the point and the information is handed to you more readily where as University is more about your own research and thinking creatively. I would like to do an in depth study in to how and why things are taught differently in different institutions. To keep it in line with my Design area I shall focus on techniques of teaching Graphic Design and what is and is not successful. I shall also look at other factors that contribute to the effectiveness of teaching and learning. I feel there is a lot of scope and research can be started off easily by starting with the dynamics of my very department.
To get my initial thoughts out I have noted key words on
my mind map that I can draw from to start looking for relevant resources.

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